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custom home under construction with The Jacobs Companies

Building a custom home is not like anything you’ve ever experienced when you choose to build with The Jacobs Companies. It’s the difference between buying a home and making you feel at home. Your experience goes far beyond just bricks and mortar. Here, life is surrounded by home. Places where families gather, friendships grow, and the fine art of entertaining is never lost. Of all the homes we’ve built, yours will be just a little bit different. Your signature, your thumbprint, make it exclusively yours. No matter where you go or how you get there, one thing is certain, all roads ultimately lead to home.

With The Jacobs Companies, you have choices. If you want to build a home but can’t find the property, we can help. If you need to tear down an existing home where you’re planning to build, we do that too. If you already have property and are looking to build, we can work with that as well. If you don’t have architectural plans, you may want to look at our portfolio of custom home designs, or meet with our architects and design your home from the ground up. It’s your home, it’s your choice, and the possibilities are endless.

We work with clients’ big dreams, not always big budgets.¬†We have designed homes to meet a variety of price points.You set the budget and we’re here to ensure that the number you give us is always respected. We build your custom home on time and on budget. Very often, we deliver homes before the projected delivery date. Yes, we do that too.

Truth be told, building a Jacobs custom home is easier than you think. We’ve thoughtfully designed hundreds of custom floor plans, thousands of distinctive elevations and every variation of the single family home. We have taken the concept of building to new levels and made it enjoyable. With a one-stop approach, you can leave the details to us. We handle everything from finding the property to designing the home to working with the architects to handling the permit process to value engineering your home. We take you through the selection process, we work with the title company to close your home and we offer an outstanding warranty for your home. Design selections are completed in one location – our corporate office. There’s no running around to make your selections. And if you want an item for your home that you can’t find, we can get it for you.

With passionate people driving the process, there is a promise of great things to come. We are committed to doing everything to remain environmentally conscious and energy efficient. We are proud that our people deeply care about the homes we build. It’s a simple philosophy that we share with our homeowners. We would love to share it with you. We would be honored to be the builder of your new custom home.

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